Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2000 VW GTI clicking noise behind instrument panel

For the last year or so I have noticed a clicking sound coming from the area of the instrument panel (behind the speedometer). The clicks were pretty random, but averaged about one per second, and sounded like a relay--a bit like the click that you get when using the turn signal, but not as loud. Oh, this is a 2000 VW GTI/VR6 (Golf). I tried to locate this noise, but there's no obvious easy way to access that area.

I recently brought the car to the dealer for two minor recall items (a fuel line, and flasher switch.) They also did a third recall, which appeared on the work order like this:
455 WV2 0.20

I have not heard the noise in the last week!


Anonymous said...

I have a 2002 GTI VR6 and after having a subwoofer and amp installed last weekend, my car has developed a similar clicking noise! It's kind of annoying. It seems to originate from the behind the center dashboard air vents, near the hazard flashers.

Mark said...

Nov 9, 2007 The clicking noise has recently returned.

Suresh said...

I own a 2002 VW Jetta and since a month ago i am experiencing random clicking sounds similar to the one that you would hear when the turn signal or 4ways are truned on.
This clicking sound get really annoying.However, the turn signal or 4 way lights doesn't blink unless I turn it on manually.
I found on yahoo and other discussion forums people having similar problems and few got it fixed due to product recall.
When I contacted VW I was told that my VIN# is not covered under product recall:(.
VW sucks...


Anonymous said...

Suresh, yours is the turn signal relay. These go out every once in a while. I have changed a few in my day. Older cars had them hidden in under the instrument cluster. Most new cars have it in or near one of the fuse boxes. Buy a Chiltons and a relay and change it out yourself. This should be as easy as changing a fuse if you can locate it (see the Chilton's).

mickspace said...

In A VW jetta 2003, the relay switch is the Hazard Warning Switch; With Integrated Flasher/Turn Signal Relay (part# 1J0953235J ) or the center switch with the triangle. That is where the Clicking noise is, replace the flasher switch and the noise should hopefully go away.. This switch will pop out if you push it from behind. I removed the small panel just above the radio, reached up and pushed it out..
Part Link:

mickspace said...

VW has sent a recall notice for My VW Jetta 2003 Wolfsburg Edition.. The recall is for the Ignition Coils coils?

Anonymous said...

I also am experiencing a similar sound for a 2008 Jetta 5 2.0 T (DSG). It is a clicking noise located in the steering column. It is only occasional and random lasting between 5-10 seconds. It occurs randomly when driving straight and or on curves. It sounds like two marbles on individual strings knocking together. It is not very loud. Any ideas about what the sound may be?

Anonymous said...

My 2007 Jetta has the same noise coming from inside the dashboard, well described before sounding like two marbles knocking together. In my case, every time I turn the fan off the noise disappears. Anyone with the same experience?

Anonymous said...

My 2009 Jetta has that clicking sound. I wounder if it is something on the design.

modee said...

my 2006 Jetta has developed the same clicking noise...also a fan-like whirring noise immediately after starting up.

Anonymous said...

My 2005 Jetta makes the same sound as if a turn signal is on. Its on the passenger side seems as if its coming from behind the dash board but I cant hear it when the hood is up. I just purchased this car with 90k on it.